Restless trunk syndrome - squaring the circle?

Written by Buda Botond L., Tóth Gábor A., Gdynia Hans-Jürgen

The authors present the cases of two young male patients suffering from tugging, creepy-crawly sensations, however, quaintly in the pectoral girdle and the truncal area. During the 2-9 years of the patients’ medical history a broad spectrum of pharmacological treatment options were tested. Neither antidepressants, nor benzodiazepines or antiepileptics resulted in a complete remission of the symptoms and complaints. Finally, based on the similarity of the symptoms to those observed in restless legs syndrome (RLS), a dopamine agonist treatment was introduced. Both patients have been successfully treated over a long period with pramipexole and ropinirole, respectively. The effectiveness of the dopamine agonist treatment suggests that the underlying pathology is closer to the one responsible for the symptoms of RLS.


Keywords: Restless Legs Syndrome; RLS; movement disorder; restless trunk; dopamine agonist treatment

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