The surgical treatment of Melanoma malignum at the patients of the II. Surgery Clinic from Tg-Mures

Written by Török Árpád, Neagoe Radu, Bancu Şerban, György-Fazakas István, Dénes Márton, Kántor Tibor oh.

The melanoma malignum represents 2-7% of all the skin tumors. While in the treatment of solid malignant tumors the multimodal therapy is in the forefront (surgical and oncological), in the treatment of Melanoma malignum the surgical intervention plays the main role. The removal of the primer tumor enables the diagnosis and the determination of prognostic factors. Lymphoid metastasis are present in 5-75% of the cases. Their appereance depends on the absolute thickness of the primer tumor and the deepness of the invasion. The diagnostic methods introduced in the late decades (ultrasound scanning, CT, sentinell lymph node determination), make possible the determination of regional expansion of the Melanoma malignum, and they have an influence on the extension of the surgical intervention. In our dissertation we present the applied surgical procedures, observed complications and the results of the recorded cases through many years at the patients of the II.Surgery Clinic from Tg-Mures.


Keywords: skin tumours, melanoma malignum, regional lymphadenectomy, sentinel node