Prevalence of diabetes and pre-diabetes in the Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Clinic from Tg Mureş

Written by Germán-Salló Márta, Bálint-Szentendrey Dalma, Farkas-Hegyi László, Dósa Géza

In Romania 600000 patients are diagnosed with diabetes but the real number is estimated to be arround 1 million. 70% of patients with type II diabetes die of cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular patients may suffer of different types of glucometabolic perturbations besides diabetes (impaired fasting glucose or impaired glucose tolerance) called prediabetes. The aim of the study was to determine the prevalence of these in 486 cardiovascular patients. 96 (19,75%) of them were diagnosed having different types of glucometabolic perturbations, besides the 96 had already been diagnosed with diabetes at the time of admission. 40% of the performed oral glucose tolerance tests were diagnostic. In conclusion we can say that almost half of the cardiovascular patients have glucometabolic perturbation and for a full disclosure of the actual state an oral glucose tolerance test is needed.


Keywords: diabetes mellitus, pre-diabetes, cardiovascular disease, prevalence

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