The incidence of new hospitalized skin cancer cases from Mures county

Written by Fekete Júlia Edit, Fekete Gyula László

For this study we have elaborated a file used for gathering the data of hospitalized patients from the existing treatment-cards at the Emergency Hospital, Oral Surgery, Dermatology Clinic and Oncology. We have registered a number of 163 patients hospitalized with skin caner in 2003. Out of the 163 patients diagnosed with skin cancer 57 (34,96%) have been cases of basocellular cancer, 71 (43,56%) cases of spinocellular cancer and 35 (21,47%) cases of malignant melanoma. The proportion of spinocellular / basocellular cancer cases was 1,24 / 1. This proportion is high because basocellular cancer is mostly treated ambulatorily, without being registered as oncologic case.

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